Monday, November 9, 2009

New Hampshire Opera Idol Competition

Hi everyone!
I had a very productive and exciting weekend.
On Friday, I was able to leave work early and take a bus to Concord, NH to audition for Lakes Region Opera's New Hampshire Opera Idol Competition. It was a long bus ride and I almost fell asleep twice, but it was worth it. When i arrived, my audition was at 4:25pm and the judges chose what I was to sing (usually, the singer chooses first, then if the judges wish to hear anything else, they choose an additional piece). They wanted to hear "Come Scoglio" from Mozart's Cosi fan tutte. I sang it well and then quickly left to make it back for the 5pm bus. I arrived back in Norwood at 8:30pm. It was a long day. I got a call pretty much as soon as I got home that I had qualified for the Semi-Final round on Saturday morning at 11am. Same location.

Luckily, my boyfriend, Rich said he would be more than happy to drive me to the audition. :) He was so great. Kept me talking and chatty so I didn't feel too tired and didn't have to warm up much.
I sang at 11am and was interviewed for a documentary they were filming of the competition, then headed to his brother's house in Manchester, NH. I had met his brother, Norm a while back when Rich was moving into his apartment, so it was great to see him again. I got to meet his wife, Carol and their daughter, Nikki, who just turned 15 and for her present, they decided to let her get her lip pierced. She's a very mature and sweet 15 year old, so don't judge! They're very loving and awesome parents.
While chatting with Carol, I got a call that I was accepted into the Finals of the competition the next day. I was expected to arrive at 2pm and the competition would begin at 3pm at Concord's "Audi" Concert Hall. When I asked for the specific address, I was told to google it. HAH..... mmmkay.
When I got the address, Rich kept asking, "ARE YOU SURE?!" and I was like, "well, but according to Google, it's right!" Thanks, Google. :) You were on the money, this time!
We arrived at the hall around 1:30pm on Sunday and I was led to my dressing room while Rich sat in the hall. I came out to find him and he was gone. Apparently, the hall wasn't open until 2:30pm so they asked him to leave! :( He ended up taking a walk and listened to the Pats game in the car until the hall was open.
Poor guy. He puts up with so much of my crap sometimes. That's why I love him. (well, that and because he makes me laugh at myself when I would usually kick.)
Anyways, I got to watch the entire competition since I was second to last to sing of about 15 other singers. Everyone is just so damn talented. Some beautiful singing! My personal favorite was a beautiful soprano, named Lesley Friend, who sang one of the most beautiful versions of "Ebben? Ne andro lontana" I have EVER heard. She's really going somewhere! Just watch!
It was really great to get out there and sing again. The judges picked my selection, "Come Scoglio" ...again.. and I think since it's been a while since I have performed in public, it was a big step for me to get into the 'game' again. I think I did Mozart real proud.
I didn't win anything official, no contract, no money, but my reward was greater than anything I could imagine. I was sharing my gift again for the first time in 2 years. (Not to mention something to show on my resume!)
They said that the performance was being recorded live, but apparently, it wasn't, but eventually, they said it will appear on their website.
I'lll keep you posted once it's up, but in the meantime, check out my tweets from the trip!
The next competition will be in Janurary for the Metroplitan Opera National Council Auditions in Boston. I've sung for this competition while in grad school and it was a good experience, so I'm looking forward to it!

Thanks to everyone for their support and their encouragment. That's what we're here for! Share the love, people! :)

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