Friday, January 29, 2016

Running on Empty

I'm going to start a new chapter of my blog. :)

I'm ready to start making fitness a priority in my life and I think if I start writing about my journey, it'll not only make me more accountable, but it may help others who are looking for help.
So.. here it goes.

Here's my plan.

I'm going to start with a walk.  Just a 15 minute walk twice a week. Then, I will make it a jog/walk.  Then, I will run.  Then, i will do a 5K.  My first 5K was a couple years ago and though I never run the whole thing, it was a great experience.  I remember being so happy, I cried a little bit.  I never thought it'd ever be something I would want to do. I'm ready to feel that gratification again.

I will also start my new "whole30" inspired diet plan on Sunday.  Every time I've done a whole30, whether or not i've made it to the 30 day mark, my health has dramatically been better.  My blood pressure is better, my weight is down, and I feel great.  I think it's the 'rules' that keep me accountable. I think the strictness is what keeps me questioning why I'm doing what I'm doing.  (I mean, who would ever willingly put themselves through 30 days of no added sugar?) I think this will-power makes me feel strong.  If only I could use that will-power to help me exercise more regularly.

Wish me luck.  I'll try checking in through the week over the next month to report on my progress.