Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quickie Update

Hi everyone,

Well, as an update to WW, I have lost a total of 23 lbs. Yea! Pretty rad.
I have been busy preparing for another year of auditions and I'm looking forward to the annual trip to NYC. It's pretty funny, I think the most difficult aspect of being a working singer is the distraction aspect of having another job and trying to stay focused on the career.
I'm sure many singers have faced the same issue, your job pays for your career. It's not a difficult distinction to make, just an a typical one.

Anyways, until next time...

Tiff :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Challenges

Hi folks,

So this doesn't have a lot to do with music .. but I have joined weight watchers. Finally trying to take control of my eating habits and learn about myself a little more. I've been doing it a month so far and I've lost 11.6 lbs. Evidentally, it's a product that works for me. :)
I've started going to the gym on a more frequent basis and I'm striving to be more active on a day to day basis. 3 days at the gym just doesn't cut it anymore.
And you know what? It's actually kind of fun to have this new exciting goal ahead of me. I'm not looking to change my entire appearance or look like Victoria Beckham... just feel healthy.
I've already started noticing things about myself that I was unaware of. For example, I had always been told that there is not a "controlling" or "type A" bone in my body. But that's just not accurate. I'm usually so co-dependent that I haven't noticed that deep down, I WANT and NEED a sense of control over some aspects of my life. Food has become one of those things. And surprisingly enough, it's kind of fun to learn how to take RESPONSIBILITY for my eating habits.

I'll keep you guys posted on my progress month to month and I will try to focus on more blogging as well. Stay tuned!

until next time,
Take Care!!