Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stephen Sondheim and Frank Rich

I found this wonderful interview of Frank Rich, who is scheduled to interview Stephen Sondheim on 11/14/09 at Sanders Theatre. (Buy Tickets) It's sure to be an awesome night!
An email went out asking if anyone had any questions for this Q & A, so of course, my box office colleague and myself came up with a few and sent them on to Jack.

1. In regards to “Legit” American Musical Theatre. Who are some other composers of today’s genre that you appreciate and/or admire?
2. With the popularity of Disney on Broadway and the more pop/rock style of music, what direction do you think American Musical Theatre is moving toward and why?
3. How do you feel about shows not being “tried out” in Boston before going to Broadway anymore? Why are we being left out?!
4. Did you see the movie, “Sweeney Todd”? What are your thoughts about traditional American Musical Theatre being remade/translated into Hollywood films? Have you considered ever composing for more movies aside from the ones you have done already (Reds, The Birdcage, Dick Tracey, etc..)?
5. Out of all your wonderful compositions, which one would you consider your favorite and why?

What do you think about my questions? Do you have anything to add? I will be blogging about the night after the event, so stay tuned.

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